Let's start a new life with iDish.

It was the time, when I was eating sashimi at a bar, fiddling with my iPad.
A slice of Tuna accidentally dropped on the iPad.
At that time, I hurriedly got rid of the sashimi, wiped it off,
Later I found that suddenly. In the first place,

If iPad were a dish, there are no problem

Now, I introduce a revolutionary way of using iPad "iDish".

Get Started with iDish

This is the iPad. Wi-Fi + 3G model.

Here are foodstuffs, I bought from a supermarket.

Let's arrange these foods on iDish.
What benefit can we get?

Nigirizushi (hand-shaped sushi)

Trying to put nigirizushi on.

Tuna Sushi, I got just before the supermaket closed,
with 50% discount and not a fresh looking color.
These just don't look appealing for my appetite.

So, here it is, a sushi board.

Using my fingers to change the size appropriately ...

Put the sushi on.

All of a sudden, it became yummy-looking sushi,
I almost forget it was in a pack.

iDish, A magical and revolutionary product.


Sashimi (sliced raw fish)

Next, assorted sashimi, another 50% discounted food.

Searching dishes by iPad.

' sashimi dish '

Catalog is shown by Google image search,
so, you just choose a favorite dish, which fits your mood of the day.

Hmm .

How about this one? Looks nice.

After you choose, you just put it on.


Also, Azi (Japanese horse mackerel)

Dishes are interchangeable in a moment.

A nice-looking china dish.

You can purposely use a supermarket package.

Not only for dishes.

Don't worry if you have only a few dishes.
Let's search a picture of fancy assorted sashimi.

Then, slip into that.

With only one slice of salmon , you'd feel enriched.

In addition, If you have iPodTouch or iPhone,

Display small dish and lay it beside iPad.

You can also use this way! Sashimi and soy sauce dish.

However, one caution... soy sauce will become weird color by back light.
so you need to pay attention.

Cold Tofu in a small bowl... Oh, that was too big.

iDish. Unbelievable variety of foodstuff,
with Unbelievable dishes.

For live-alone

Living by yourself, you'd miss warm feeling of body temperature.
Then, you can use this.

A hand.

Put rice ball on it,

What a warm looking it became. Taste of mother's.
With this, you won't be feeling lonely at all.

When I was doing this, I got a mail

Yes, iDish is a dish, and also a communication device, don't forget that.
While you are eating, you are able to check your mail.

Other menus.

Preparing a grill.

Put meat on,

hmmm, wild.

Shumai Dumplings, which was frozen and bland-tasting,

Be authentic Chinese !?

Let's try dessert

Putting dessert is a cinch, too.

Search a dish for dessert, and put a pudding on.

But, an unexpected trouble happened.
The feeling of pudding to iPad may be similar to fingers,
The display started to shake, and suddenly,

The dish switched to assorted sashimi!

Such things happen sometimes

It can be used for Liquid foods.

It's Okay for curry, too.



iDish, what did you think?
After all these trials, I hesitate to say this,
but overall, the impression of eating foods with iDish actually is,

it does not taste so great.

After all, electric device and food doesn't match.
It’s better to eat with normal dishes.
And iDish is flat surface, Curry can't be scooped.
In addition, the biggest problem is,

Your iPad will be dirty.

Well, I knew that all along
I used a LCD protector, and repeated to use and wash every time.
However, after some trials, that became confusing,
and I put salmon sashimi directly on the iPad screen.
My iPad got fishy smell. You need to be careful.

For all of these reasons,
even if you are interested in iDish after reading this article,
I don't recommend you to do it at home.


This post is translated into English by @daoki as amateur volunteer